Next time I’ll introduce to other people as well.

Tracy Ho
15 August 2017

Homestay selesa.

12 August 2017

Saya bagi 5 bintang.
TC Low
13 November 2016

Homestay sangat best, selesa dan cantik.

9 Januari 2016

Comfortable place. I will definitely stay again in future.

13 November 2014

Highly recommended. Very comfy & definitely worth your stay there.
17 September 2013

Dah banyak kali menginap disini.. Sangat berpuas hati. Kalau hari bekerja kadar sewa dapat dikurangkan sedikit lagi..+++ Suka hati.

16 October 2012

Rumah bersih dan sama macam dalam gambar.Lokasi bagus.Internet pun laju.

27 May 2012

Good environment for family outing..near amenities, cozy area. Others – our family suka sangat. next time datang KL, dah tau nak stay mana. sbb your place very clean, and we like the neighbourhood!! But perhaps you would like to consider : a. provide Quran/Yassin in the apartment b. broom to tidy up the house.
Aslawati bt Kassim
30 September 2011

I Like!… the best affordable homestay ever. Recommend for family. Yang penting… very clean & comfortable.

24 July 2011

Cozy place almost felt like home. Wished the cushions are dark colours instead of white.

09 June 2011

2 thumbs up!

David & Ms. Tan 
05 June 2011


Thong S.K 
15 May 2011

I’ve stayed there some time last week and it has a very comfortable bed for a homestay, sort of makes u feel like at home, and most importantly, its very clean! P/S: It has a great view toooo! Thx for accomodating me 🙂
12 May 2011

Homestay selesa. Puas hati. Tiptop condition. Friendly homestay mgr. Recommend for family.

Azhar GT 
08 May 2011